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Arrested? What To Do

Hi, my names Ivan Morse and I am a criminal defense lawyer. I have been defending people accused of crimes for thirty years and I've been doing this successfully. I really enjoy helping people and if you're like most of my clients, probably you have just been arrested and it's the first time you've ever been arrested in your life. The question you have is, "Do I need a lawyer?"

The answer is yes but you don't need just any lawyer, you need a criminal defense lawyer. You need an attorney who understands the Bill of Rights and by the Bill of Rights I mean the Fourth Amendment which deals with search and seizure. You don't want a real estate attorney and you don't want a family law attorney. You want somebody that is experienced with the criminal justice system.

Now, one of the things that my clients always ask me is, "Should I have talked to the police?" Well, the answer is no, you shouldn't have talked to the police but if you did, that's okay and we'll be able to navigate through the criminal justice system even with that. For most of my clients it's their first trip through the criminal justice system. They did something like or were arrested for something like drunk driving or they did something that was out of character like shoplifting or they've been arrested for domestic violence or you know weapons charges.

It doesn't matter what you've been arrested for, the fact of the matter is I can help. You're going to need a criminal defense lawyer because on the other side you're going to have a prosecutor and you're going to have a District Attorney. A District Attorney's job is to punish you and the criminal defense lawyer's job is to make sure all your constitutional rights are asserted.

Now, I've helped thousands of people in your situation, I can help you as well but you need to give me a call for a free consultation. My telephone number is 925-452-4065, but regardless of anything else, you really need to hire or at least consult, with a criminal defense attorney. Remember, in the event you cannot afford a criminal defense lawyer, the court will appoint an attorney for you. Regardless of whether you obtain a criminal defense attorney or whether you refer to the public defender's office, you need the help of a criminal defense lawyer. I wish you the best of luck, give me a call for a free consultation or go to my website. Thank you.

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  • Background as a former police officer in Oakland

  • Over three decades of experience with the criminal justice system

  • Willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients

  • Spent entire career developing effective defense strategies

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