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If you have been accused of a theft crime, such as embezzlement, petty theft, grand theft, identity theft, shoplifting or burglary, you have a serious situation to deal with, with potentially harsh consequences. You need to have an experienced Dublin, CA theft crime lawyer on your side, to help you resolve the matter.

Seek help from an experienced theft crime lawyer in Dublin right away. Dublin theft crime defense lawyer Ivan O.B. Morse provides aggressive defense strategies for the benefit of our clients. With over 30 years of experience in criminal defense, you can be assured that you are represented by a knowledgeable and proven theft defense lawyer.

What are the Penalties for Theft Crimes in CA?

The punishments for these crimes are harsh in California. If convicted you could receive a minimum of 6 months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine, or time in state prison with fines over $5,000. You may be required to pay restitution for felonies such as grand theft and other types of theft crimes.

Our Dublin theft defense lawyers use their expertise to fight to get the charges dismissed or felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor charge, depending upon the details of the case. Where a client is open to engaging in diversion programs, it may be possible to obtain a dismissal of the theft charges after skilled negotiations by your attorney take place.

In embezzlement cases, as in fraud cases, it may be possible to resolve the issue outside of the justice system if fast action is taken. For example, repayment of the embezzled funds and meeting other conditions set by the business or employer from could assist you in avoiding criminal proceedings. If you have such a situation it is vital to act quickly inform us of the legal situation you face so that your theft crime attorney can immediately review the details of your case. A defense strategy will immediately be formulated in order to launch your defense.

Looking for an Attorney for Your Theft Crime Case in Dublin, CA?

Contacting an experienced theft crime attorney from our office should be done at once if you have been arrested for any theft crime. Our staff is available to clients for questions or updates on the progress of their cases. The Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse offers a free initial consultation to advise you how to move forward with your defense.

Contact experienced Theft Crime Attorney Ivan O.B. Morse, for effective help in Dublin, Castro Valley, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon & Tracy.

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