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The constitution protects U.S. residents against illegal search and seizure. This is one of the most commonly violated of all of our constitutional rights. Attorney Ivan O.B. Morse, as a former Oakland police officer, has personal experience in witnessing these violations of this law. When law enforcement officers violate your constitutional rights in searching your property or seizing evidence to use against you, court challenges to suppress the evidence must be filed immediately.

In some cases there are attempts to make it appear that proper police procedure was followed. You can be assured we can spot false testimony and attempts to cover up police misconduct. With an aggressive cross-examination of law enforcement, we can fight for your defense. Any such case requires an experience and proven criminal defense lawyer from our firm.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Dublin: Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Search and seizure violations often occur in cases of drug arrests and other serious criminal charges. In cases of white collar crimes in which computers are seized, there could be legal problems related to how the evidence was seized. Any criminal case that includes the seizure of evidence from you or your property should be quickly evaluated to determine whether you have had your constitutional rights violated through the actions of police or investigators.

Law enforcement is not required to inform you that you do not have to comply with a search of your property until a search warrant has been issued by a judge. Many individuals have failed to understand their rights and have allowed a search of their property, resulting in serious and dangerous criminal charges being filed against them.

In order to protect your 4th Amendment Rights, it is important to refuse to have your property searched until law enforcement provides you with a search warrant. If you have been the victim of a violation of constitutional rights, contact us immediately. If evidence was illegally seized, we will aggressively fight to expose the failure of police and to suppress the evidence against you. Each case is unique and must be fully reviewed in order to advise you what can be done to protect your rights. Act fast if you have been victimized by police in this matter.

Contact Dublin Criminal Defense Attorney Ivan O.B. Morse at once if you have had your constitutional rights violated by police or investigators in Castro Valley, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon or Tracy.

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