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A probation violation offense is a serious legal problem. These charges can be filed against you through a variety of circumstances; in some cases they have been filed based on an administrative error and can be quickly handled. This could occur when you have failed to attend a required meeting with a probation officer when ill. In some cases it is due to having failed to complete a court-ordered treatment program that was a condition of your probation.

In other instances it could be that you have been arrested for another offense, violating the terms of your probation. Probation always includes staying out of further legal trouble. Depending upon the circumstances of your case, The Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse can assist you in fighting to avoid the possibility of being put in jail for a probation violation. A skilled criminal defense lawyer from our firm is crucial in any such case.

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When you are on probation, part of your jail sentence was converted to probation. When a judge considers that you have shown contempt of court by failing to adhere to the terms of your probation, they can come down hard. In some cases they have been known to immediately give the individual the full jail sentence they would have received without probation, which can be years in some cases.

It is critical that you contact our legal team at once if you are dealing with any probation violation offense, and speed is vital. Actions must be taken at once to fight to resolve the situation prior to being put in jail. If you have already been picked up by police based on the probation violation, you will be facing a hearing about the situation. We need to act quickly to assist you with the hearing and dealing with the court with regard to your legal problem, as the penalties you face could be extremely severe.

Some judges do not take kindly to those who fail to adhere to the terms of their probation, and will punish them severely with maximum possible jail time, including extra time for violating probation. You need our legal team fighting for you, and you need to act quickly. Searching for an attorney for your criminal case in Dublin? We will seek out a solution for the legal matter and will fight to help you to resolve the problem and avoid spending time in jail.

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