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Charged with Murder?

Get resilient advocacy with our Dublin murder defense attorney!

Being charged with murder is obviously the worst class of crimes a person can be charged with. Intentionally ending a life "with malice aforethought" can result in spending the rest of your life in prison. When the stakes are this high, you need the vigorous defense from a Dublin criminal defense attorney and our firm can provide it for you!

The Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse has all the tools to fight your murder changes and avoid a conviction. Attorney Morse has previous experience as a police officer in Oakland and has over 30 years of experience in the criminal justice system. We have handled numerous cases and consistently provide aggressive representation for our clients because we believe the rights of the accused deserve to be upheld.

What penalties can be handed down?

California recognizes more than one type of murder—capital, first, and second degree felony murder. The difference in the type of murder usually revolves around having malicious aforethought; hence, an accidental killing is less serious than a capital murder charge.

Penalties for murder convictions include:

  • The death penalty or life in prison for capital murder
  • 25 years to life in prison for a first-degree murder or hate crime
  • 15 years to life in prison for second degree murder

Additional factors specific to your case can increase these sentences. If you used a firearm in the murder, for instance, you could be made to serve and additional 10 or 20 years in prison. You may also be forced to pay restitution, be fined up to $10,000, and lose the right to possess a firearm if you are released.

There are multiple defenses our Dublin criminal defense lawyer can employ in your defense to work to undermine the prosecution's case. You may have been acting in self-defense, the killing was entirely accidental, or police obtained a confession from you through coercion.

Don't lose hope—Turn to Attorney Morse!

We can argue you were not at the scene of the crime and in no way were able to commit murder. Whatever it takes to have your charges dropped or reduced, we can work hard to do it. All that is needed is enough doubt to be present in the jurors' minds to find you not guilty. We can fight for you!

Call on our firm today to begin your fight against your murder charges!

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