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A misdemeanor offense is less serious than a felony offense, but this does not mean that you will avoid jail or steep fines. The difference in these cases is that your sentence will not be for over 1 year in jail. A year in jail is a very long time, and your life can take a terrible turn if you do not act quickly and contact a Dublin criminal defense lawyer to assist you in defending the charge. In cases in which the charge is minor, a conviction can still have a negative effect on your future; your criminal record will forever reflect your conviction.

For example, if you are convicted of DUI offense, this becomes a matter of public record and future employers often do background checks on potential employees. You can lose a good job opportunity easily with a misdemeanor offense on your record, particularly drugs, alcohol-related offense and any violent crime or petty theft convictions. Obtain representation from the top criminal defense lawyer in Dublin to assist you in your misdemeanor case.

Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer in Dublin

Most misdemeanor offenses have the opportunity to have our attorney represent you in court, and you will have no need to appear in court. This is an important advantage for those of us who work for a living and cannot take off hours while the legal system grinds through its process.

Cases are often put off several times and there may be several court dates in which hours are wasted waiting to appear with the court date changed once you finally get your opportunity to appear in front of the judge. Need a lawyer for your criminal case in Dublin? Take advantage of the 30 years of experience in the judicial system and strong defense abilities of our attorney in any misdemeanor offense case.

Misdemeanors often have the opportunity to have alternative sentencing such as treatment programs or diversion programs that our attorney can pursue on your behalf. In other cases, with the right actions taken at once the entire charge could be dismissed. It is critical that you immediately contact our firm if you are facing a misdemeanor charge and need legal representation.

Contact Dublin Misdemeanor Lawyer Ivan O.B. Morse at once if you have been charged with a misdemeanor offense in Dublin, Castro Valley, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon or Tracy.

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