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Understanding Domestic Violence Legal Process in California

Family violence is looked upon harshly by the courts. Therefore it is vital that you have a criminal defense attorney who will vigorously investigate all aspects of the charges against you.

Our experienced domestic violence defense attorney understands that emotions often run high in domestic situations.

Not all accusations of domestic violence or spousal abuse, physical abuse, or spousal mental abuse are founded on fact. Each case is scrutinized, and the accusations are reviewed to justify having domestic violence charges against you dropped or dismissed.

Do All Domestic Violence Cases Go to Trial?

Most domestic violence cases do not go to trial. Instead, criminal lawyers discuss all of the facts of the case and make a plea bargain if the facts are against you. However, should the facts be in your favor, your domestic violence case will typically need preparation for trial before the district attorney dismisses it.

If you agree to a plea bargain, even if it gets deferred, on a domestic violence charge, as well as domestic violence or domestic assault cases, whether based on false accusation or on fact, could remain on your record permanent criminal record. Future background checks from potential lenders, employers, landlords and others can bring this to light, possibly closing the door on some opportunities.

Attorney Ivan O.B. Morse is a former police officer and has a vast understanding of law enforcement procedures. The first action will be to thoroughly examine arrest records and police reports and all of the circumstance surrounding the arrest for improper procedure, or violations of your rights during the arrest.

Experienced Domestic Violence Legal Counsel

Domestic violence accusations are taken seriously in the criminal justice system and if you are found guilty, you will suffer serious consequences, including jail or prison time in many cases. It is vital that you act quickly to get a knowledgeable Dublin domestic violence lawyer on your side to take charge of your case.

Searching for an attorney for your criminal case in Dublin, CA? It is absolutely vital that you contact a criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse for a free consultation and a direct and vigorous approach to protecting your future. Having the top criminal attorney in Dublin by your side can better your chances of success in your case.

Contact a Dublin domestic violence lawyer for aggressive help in protecting your future in Castro Valley, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon & Tracy.

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