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Prospective Client Interview: How Our Attorneys Look for Constitutional Abuses & Other Issues that Impact Your Case

After you have been arrested by police or contacted by investigators, you need to write down everything that transpired while it is still fresh in your mind. This important information will help your criminal defense attorney determine whether there have been police violations that might amount to unlawful arrest or suppression of evidence.

Our lead attorney, Ivan O.B. Morse, is a former police officer and had the following to say about his experience with criminal cases:

“As a police officer I have interviewed hundreds of people both as alleged victims and/or alleged suspects. Then I would write a report that eventually made it to the Charging Deputy Attorney who would decide whether or not to charge a person with a crime. Now, as a criminal defense attorney, it is important to get the person who has been arrested to document their perspective of the events that occurred during the arrest.”

This is why it is crucial to write everything down while it is fresh in your mind. You should write down answers to the following questions if you have been arrested or contacted by law enforcement:

  • How did the police approach you?
  • What did the police say was the reason for them to detain or interview you?
  • Were you arrested?
  • What are the alleged charges?
  • Were you arrested for a felony, a misdemeanor, or an infraction?

Most of us have been taught from an early age that the police are our friends and are there to help us. However, nothing could be further from the truth when they want to charge you for a crime. If police are investigating you for a serious criminal offense, you would be wise to not to talk to them. Doing so could be a big mistake. This includes if police invite you to make an appointment with them to give a statement to get your side of the story. Police do this and end up arresting the person giving their statement all the time.

This is why you should consult with a criminal defense attorney before you speak to police. Most attorneys will advise you not to talk to the police. Our experienced lawyers usually call, email, or write a letter to the investigator advising them to not contact our client.

If you have already talked to the police, you should tell your attorney what you said while it is still fresh in your mind. If there were witnesses around, write down their names, addresses and phone numbers. Remember, you have the Constitutional Right not to talk to the police until you have an attorney present.

Our lawyers can analyze your case to see if there were any constitutional violations when police arrested you or contacted you about an investigation. Some people might view this as “getting off the hook,” but we see it’s as upholding your Constitutional Right to have the police follow the law.

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