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  • Senate Bill 10 Is Unconstitutional For Misdemeanors
    Senate Bill 10 Is Unconstitutional For Misdemeanors

    California Senate Bill 10, Bail Reform, signed by the governor, takes effect October 1, 2019. In my opinion, SB 10 violates the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and the California ...

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  • DUI Expungement in California
    DUI Expungement in California

    Criminal Defense Attorney Handling DUI Expungements in Dublin, Oakland, and Throughout the State of California Being convicted of a DUI has harsh, long-lasting consequences on your life. In addition ...

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  • Expunging Domestic Violence
    Expunging Domestic Violence

    In California, domestic violence occurs when a person commits a criminal act within one of the types of relationships specified by the California Penal Code: Spouse or former spouse Cohabitant or ...

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