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Hit and Run Without Injury

We have many calls from persons accused of Hit and Run, a violation of § 20002 of the California Vehicle Code, a misdemeanor. It is required by law if you are in an accident which causes damage to any property, without impeding traffic, stop at the nearest location and notify the person in charge of the damaged property.

First, attempt to locate the vehicle or property owner. Then, exchange information (i.e. driver’s license number, insurance information, phone number, address, etc.).

If you are unable to locate the owner (i.e. you struck a parked vehicle) you must leave a written note with your name and phone number. Contact law enforcement and report the accident.

There are several defenses to hit and run charges including, but not limited to, “I did not know I was involved in an accident.”

For instance, as you are driving, you heard a noise but failed to notice that you had swiped a parked vehicle when looking back in the mirror. Or, you backed into a fence that resulted in damage as soon as you pulled out, but didn’t see the damage.

Other defenses include 1) you were not driving the car or 2) you thought there was a collision but thought there was no damage.

If convicted of § 20002 the penalties can be severe including up to 6 months in county jail, a $1,000 fine plus penalties and restitution for damages.

Many times a potential client will call and tell our office that a law enforcement officer called and/or go to their house as they wanted to talk with him/her. CALL our office immediately without speaking the officer. You have a right to not talk the officer without an attorney being present. We have avoided charges being filed for Hit and Run if the potential client talked to our office first.

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