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Petty Theft & Expungement in California

In the state of California, if you have been arrested for and convicted of petty theft, you may be able to expunge the record. This is a viable option for people in select cases and situations, as expungement is not possible for everyone. If you have completed probation and have not had any other criminal incidents, you may be eligible for expungement.

If you have your petty theft conviction successfully expunged, this does not mean the conviction is closed for viewing, eliminated, or destroyed. In fact, many people mistake expungement as a way of wiping their history clean of what once occurred. In expungement, your charges and arrest are still viewable, but the conviction has technically been “set aside and dismissed.” What this means is in your official criminal history record your case number will be clarified as dismissed instead of convicted.

Why is an Expungement Useful?

Getting your conviction expunged is useful in a number of ways, as it can help you for getting various state licenses--such as a nursing license. An expungement is also valuable when it comes to background checks done by private employers, as they will see your conviction was dismissed. Many people reach out to a Dublin criminal defense attorney to help them get their record expunged, as they mention how many job opportunities they have lost out on as a result of their criminal record.

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