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What to Do If You Have a 4th DUI Arrest

No matter if it’s your 1st or 4th DUI, you are still considered innocent under the law until proven otherwise. A fourth or subsequent DUI is a serious legal matter with consequences that will impact the rest of your life. The burden of proof in a DUI case is on the prosecution. Prosecutors are required to provide evidence that establishes your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

California law is designed to punish offenders more severely when they have been previously convicted of DUI. This also includes a plea to a wet reckless. If you are convicted of a fourth DUI, you will most likely be facing a felony charge instead of a misdemeanor. Felony charges carry harsh penalties, which is why you should secure the services of a legal professional to handle your case.

DMV Repercussions

The DMV requires a four-year driver license revocation if you are convicted of a fourth offense felony DUI. When your license is revoked, your privilege to drive a vehicle is terminated for a set period of time. After this time-period, your privilege will be reinstated and you can get a new driver’s license. However, once your license is revoked for a fourth offense DUI, you will not be eligible for a restricted or temporary driver’s license.

Handling Your DUI Case

Your case begins the moment you are arrested. This is a critical time, and you will need to make decisions that can have a significant effect on the outcome of your DUI case. The decisions you make can result with your charges being reduced, which means you could end up facing a lesser offense. Additionally, the charges against you may be dismissed and you would be able to go back to your life without ever going to trial.

In some DUI cases, the pre-trial negotiations and motions will not be in your favor, which will make it difficult to decide if you want to proceed to trial. The trial is where you will get the opportunity to prove your innocence by presenting evidence that discredits the prosecution’s case.

Being innocent and knowing it is one thing, but proving it is a whole other matter. If you are being charged with your 4th DUI, you will need a lawyer who is experienced in California criminal law to help you prove your case and secure your freedom. Our team of attorneys will advise you on how to handle your case and protect your rights.

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