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Detention Under the Fourth Amendment

Many of us are aware of our rights, including the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures without a legal search warrant, which can only be obtained with probable cause. The 1984 case, Berkemer v. McCarty, was a decision of the United States Supreme Court and ruled that in the case of a person stopped and taken into custody by a police officer for a traffic misdemeanor, they are also entitled to the protections of the Fifth Amendment. Fifth Amendment rights, which are the reading of Miranda Rights, are thus to be given to people who are taken into custody for a multitude of reasons, not just the most extreme cases.

The Miranda rights are to be read to all people facing custodial interrogations, even including those of minor traffic offenses. However, routine questioning of motorists detained due to traffic stops is not considered to be custodial interrogation under Miranda. If you are taken into custody for whatever reason, the police officer must read you your Miranda rights--even if the resulting detention is quite brief.

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