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Understanding the Importance of Your Second Amendment Rights to Bear Arms

Less than a decade ago, the City of Chicago attempted to pass an ordinance that would ban handgun ownership, even inside a trained individual’s home. It immediately sparked serious controversy and prompted the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago (2010). To not much surprise, the United States Supreme Court disagreed with and overruled the ordinance, protecting the Second Amendment rights of the law-abiding citizens of Chicago, and indeed the rest of the country.

The case is particularly noteworthy for a few reasons. Firstly, it reaffirmed that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and its relatively simple wording – “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” – still holds true into the modern era. Secondly, it showcased that without constant legal vigilance, the Second Amendment could be dismantled by the efforts of lower courts.

Your Gun Ownership Rights in America

The Second Amendment allows law-abiding citizens, no matter where in the country they live, to bear arms. However, each state does have its own specific rules and regulations regarding the right to own, carry, and use firearms. In order to keep the Second Amendment impenetrable from lower court attempts to subvert its power, it is important for all gun owners to get familiarized with the laws of their state and always abide by them. Illegal gun ownership behaviors and actions will only fuel the arguments against the Second Amendment’s importance.

The average gun owner in America has the right to:

  • Own most types of firearms with the correct permits.
  • Carry a concealed firearm with the right licenses.
  • Enter a public space with a firearm with appropriate permits
  • Use a firearm in self-defense when immediate severe harm or death is imminent if no defensive action is taken.

Once again, you should always double-check your state’s own gun laws before purchasing, carrying, or using a firearm for the first time. There could be specific nuances in the law that place unusual restrictions on your Second Amendment rights. Even unknowingly violating the law can lead to serious weapons charges that carry heavy penalties, such as incarceration, steep fines, and the removal of gun ownership rights for many years or permanently.

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