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Seal Your Arrest Record in California

Under California Penal Code 851.87, defendants who have been arrested may have the right to seal their arrest record. This provides many benefits. Their arrest record will not be searchable for anyone except law enforcement, meaning it cannot be used against them when they seek employment, housing, education, or other benefits. In essence, it will be like they were never arrested.

Who qualifies for sealing an arrest record?

  • Those who were never charged
  • Those who were charged but fully acquitted
  • Those who were charged but had the charges dismissed

Furthermore, those who were found not guilty in a jury or bench trial, as well as those who successfully completed a diversion program, may apply to have their arrest record sealed. If the charges were overturned on appeal or vacated, the defendant may also have the right to seal the arrest record. Other charges, including elder abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence accusations, may be eligible for sealing of the arrest record if the court deems it to be in the interest of justice.

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