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Stopped for DUI, What To Do, Silence is Golden

Criminal Defense Attorney, in Dublin CA, Livermore CA, Pleasanton CA, and northern California in general, offers the following advice if stopped for DUI:

Do NOT ever say that you have had any alcoholic beverage to drink, nor when, nor where, nor how much. Indeed, do not talk to the police at all, other than to give your name: any statement, before or after an arrest, will be taken down, possibly twisted, and always used against you. It NEVER, EVER HELPS to talk to the police in such circumstances, NEVER. They are not there to help you; they are there to put a case together against you. There are powerful grant money and penalty assessment incentives for government to press DUI through arrest to conviction; there is no similar incentive for the cops to be good or helpful to you. And this is not a Miranda-based cautionary note, because Miranda applies only when you are in custody and then only when they are interrogating you. The rule about not talking to the police about anything applies at all times, before and after custody, and whether or not you are being interrogated. Keep your mouth closed.

Be polite, but remember, Silence is Golden.

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