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DMV Proceedings if Arrested for DUI

If arrested for DUI, Livermore DUI Criminal Defense Attorney Ivan Morse would suggest the following as it pertains to the DMV:

After you get out of custody, make sure you call the DMV number on the pink form you have been given within 10 days of the arrest and tell them you want a hearing, or you will lose your chance for a hearing with the DMV. If you are hiring an attorney within 10 days, he will make that call for you.

And you should always hire an attorney for these sorts of things. If you needed brain surgery, you would not start drilling on your own skull, but would instead hire an expert, and DUI is no different. A properly experienced DUI attorney can do more about these sorts of charges than you can imagine, because DUIs are prosecuted based on a presumption that they will not be fought, and based on a hope that jurors will be part of the neo-prohibitionism regime which has promoted the "Salem Witch Trials" public and fiction-based hysteria about DUI, and based on junk/voodoo science that would not be admissible in any other sort of criminal case, and which can accordingly be attacked, if you have an attorney who knows what he is doing and who has brought on a forensic expert who knows what he is doing. "If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur." Red Adair

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