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Ivan Morse

Ivan Morse

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Ivan Morse has been successfully helping people accused of crimes since 1981. The main reason for his success is the fact he was an Oakland Police Officer for seven years. He understands how police think and how they operate including, but not limited to, reasons they make stops, tactics used when interviewing people, reasons they make arrests and strategies they use to write police reports.

Why Hire Attorney Morse?

  • 35+ Years of Experience
  • Former Oakland Police Officer
  • Free Consultations
  • Track Record of Success

Practice Areas

Attorney Morse is passionate to ensure everyone's constitutional rights are not violated. He likes to help people who find themselves accused of a crime and subjected to the criminal justice system. Because of his passion and love of helping people, he has successfully represented people accused of most crimes including, but not limited to: shoplifting, petty theft, grand theft, embezzlement, drunk driving, hit and run, domestic violence, drug possession, under the influence of drugs, public intoxication, indecent exposure, elder abuse, child abuse, child endangerment, child molestation, prostitution, felonies, misdemeanors, federal crimes, white collar crimes, state crimes as well as most crimes alleged committed against person or property.

He has successfully assisted people, including commercial drivers, who are in jeopardy of losing their right to drive in the State of California due to medical reasons, age, drunk driving, etc.. He has made many appearances before the Department of Motor Vehicles in Administrative Hearings and helped his clients retain their privilege to drive.

Attorney Ivan Morse's Methods

When he is contacted by someone who has been arrested and accused of committing a crime, the first thing Ivan does is have the person provide a detailed chronology of the events leading up to the arrest while it is fresh in their mind. People have a tendency to forget details and Ivan wants to know exactly what transpired just prior to, during and after an arrest.

For example, why did the police say they stopped you; was your window up or down when the police approached; what was the first thing the police said to you; what did you say to the police; what tests did they have you perform; were you told you did not have to perform these tests, etc., etc.

Ivan's focus usually begins with whether the person's 4th Amendment rights were violated, that is, the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and the right to be secure from unwarranted intrusions.

Then he examines your case for other possible violations, including but not limited to your:

  • 5th Amendment rights (Miranda Rights)
  • 8th Amendment rights (right to reasonable bail)
  • 1st Amendment rights (freedom of speech)

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Why Choose Us?

  • Background as a former police officer in Oakland

  • Over three decades of experience with the criminal justice system

  • Willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients

  • Spent entire career developing effective defense strategies

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