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Learn what our clients have to say about our team at the Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse! We have over 30 years of experience and have been able to help countless clients throughout Northern California. By looking through our testimonials below, you can learn how we have been able to help our clients in the past and better understand how we could help you in your specific case.

Attorney Morse is a former police officer and so he has experience on both sides of the justice system. We are able to help in cases ranging from DUI to theft to drug crimes to violent crimes, so no matter how complex your case appears to be, we have the experience necessary to handle it. Please, look through the client testimonials below to learn more or schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team today!

"I would definitely without hesitation, highly recommend IVAN O.B. Morse and his team."

Law office of Ivan O. B. Morse, YES! believe me, if you need an excellent criminal defense lawyer, then Ivan is your man! I got myself into a very serious situation and Ivan did a fantastic job of representing my case in criminal court. this was my first ever involving any kind of trouble with the law. Ivan and his team got me through a harrowing and frightening experience that would have not ended well for me if it had not been for Ivan.

His expertise of criminal law, his fantastic ability as a people person. Friendly, easy to communicate with and was paramount in helping to release a tremendous amount of stress for me that would ordinarily have made my knees buckle. Ivan took the time to explain exactly every step that I was going to have to go through. I cant begin to tell you how much that helped. There is nothing more frightening as a first time offender than not knowing what lies before you in criminal court. Having Ivan working on my behalf was so very assuring, like being represented by one of your own family members that has your back. Ivan in working with the DA and the courts hammered out a terrific final outcome regarding my case. I am ecstatic with the results Ivan procured!!

I would definitely without hesitation, highly recommend IVAN O.B. Morse and his team. Wonderful people, highly skilled and knowledgeable law firm in the workings of criminal law. - Ron, Brentwood, CA

"I'm Very Lucky to Have People Like You in My Corner"

"Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. I'm very lucky to have people like you in my corner. I intend to take my sobriety very serious and do all the right things instead of always putting myself in these situations. Actions are louder than words. So I know this is a tough fight for me with my disease but I intend to keep this under control."

"He Is Always There for You; Always Just a Phone Call Away"

"I am truly blessed to have found the services of Attorney Ivan Morse. I had some very serious criminal issues to deal with and I happened to have come across the website for Mr. Morse. After my initial consultation with Mr. Morse, I found him to be very knowledgeable, understanding, and pleasant.

I went on to try and deal with my issues on my own and then also consulted three other attorneys to get some sense of their opinions of my case as well. I was shocked to find the aggressive, rude nature of three other local criminal attorneys and quickly made the decision to use the services of Mr. Morse.

Ivan could not have been more different than any other attorney I have dealt with in the past. He is always there for you; always just a phone call away and always has answered every call right away. He will listen and answer all your questions thoroughly and patiently. He is one of the good ones. Mr. Morse fought for my rights and helped me through an extremely tough time, all while making me feel like everything was going to be all right."

"Outstanding Service and Professionalism"

"I just wanted to thank you again sir for your outstanding service and professionalism throughout this ordeal, I am very appreciative and you have really helped me in one of the most difficult times I've ever faced in my life. Good luck to you sir in all that you do!"

"The Best Lawyer I Have Ever Hired"

"Mr. Morse is without a doubt the most efficient, trustworthy, responsive, helpful, friendly lawyer I have ever had to deal with, and I live in the Midwest. Yes, he is absolutely wonderful - the best lawyer I have ever hired!"

"Thank You, Ivan O.B. Morse, for Your Information"

"I watched Morse's video on YouTube over a year ago and memorized most of the advice given, and last night (Memorial Day 2012) I was stopped by two Stockton P.D. officers. I, in fact, had been consuming alcohol in a social gathering prior to my travelling home. I was asked to identify myself, I asked for the officer's identification. After I received the officer's I.D., "The Partner" walked toward my passenger window and started calling for "back-up" (Code-8). Their Code-8 arrived quickly and then I asked the first officer why I was stopped. He said that I was weaving in and out of traffic causing a hazard to myself and others around me. I had four passengers in the vehicle and they even asked the officer, "What traffic?" Mind you it was about 3 a.m.

The officer requested for me to step out of the vehicle. I stated that "I respect your position as an officer of the law, but my attorney has informed me NOT to say whether I have been drinking or not, to step out of my vehicle, or partake in any tests of any kind whatsoever." About two minutes in a stare-off the officer then returned to his vehicle. Then another officer approached, and asked for me "Can you step out of the car?" I repeated then I heard over their radio an emergency call for a "10-71" (Shooting) about four blocks South East of where I was stopped. My documents: California D.L., Registration, and Proof of Insurance were returned and I was asked to stay in the vehicle, I said I will leave without the proper order. Then all three officers left in a rush.

My front passenger said that we were lucky that something else happened to get the cops' attention. But then I realized that had I not had such great comebacks, or justified my attorneys orders I more than likely would have been at the scene of the shooting in the back of an officers car, hand-cuffed, car towed, and friends either walking home being arrested as well. And because of that realization I am writing here today to say Thank you to Ivan O.B. Morse, for posting the information that the majority will never know. Thank you again."

"You Are Absolutely the Best Ever"

"Oh my good lord how can I ever thank you, you are absolutely the best ever. Thank you so very much for everything!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"I Have Never Felt So Relaxed, Happy and Helped"

"Dear Mr. Morse, It was really nice to meet with you in June 12th, 2012 in your office. We had a very successful meeting by phone. Everything goes very well with your experience and fruitful work. What an important day for me! I immediately realized that might be a landmark in my life. I keenly felt that I should fight for my original dream which I had before I went to the US with the sunny sky and the fresh air! I've lost them for a long time!! You raise me up! I would like to say: Thank you!!! I have never felt so relaxed, happy, and helped, and remind myself to do better than your expectancy."

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