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If you have been accused of DUI you have ten days to request a California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Hearing. Few individuals would know what to present in such a hearing, and need the help of a Dublin DUI lawyer who can schedule and represent you at the hearing. Our defense lawyer, Ivan O. B. Morse, has over thirty years of experience in defending the driving privileges of good people caught in a difficult situation. If you were in a traffic accident and the law enforcement officer gave you a driver's license suspension and a temporary driving license you must call our office immediately. We will request a DMV hearing for you and aggressively represent your interests.

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A charge of DUI is considered a serious crime and can have very severe consequences including revocation or suspension of driving privileges for a period of time, probation, impound of the vehicle, fines and jail time. An experienced DMV hearing attorney knows the entire incident of your arrest must be thoroughly investigated and all law enforcement procedures examined carefully for errors or failures to correctly administer tests. There are a number of technical matters which could be challenged in many such arrests, leading to a compelling argument on your behalf.

As a former police officer, Attorney Ivan O. B. Morse has inside knowledge of areas of possible law enforcement mistakes, including such factors as the officer's reason for the traffic stop. In some cases it has been found that an overworked, exhausted technician handled the test. As a veteran criminal defense attorney, we have the expertise to have a history of success in representing clients and eliminating driver's license suspensions. The hearing at the DMV is the first step in resolving any issues you will later face in criminal court. We will request the hearing, and accompany you and defend your driving privileges vigorously. Contact criminal defense lawyer Ivan O. B. Morse for a free consultation and effective representation.

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