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Assault and battery are two different charges that are frequently charged together. Assault does not necessarily include any physical contact between two individuals and can be only a threat of a harmful act.

Battery is when the contact took place and one person used physical force against another in some type of activity. This can include shoving, kicking, punching or more serious types of battery, such as when a weapon is involved. Any charge of assault and battery is dangerous to the accused; if you are convicted you can expect to spend time in jail or prison, depending upon the degree of injury as well as your prior criminal record.

Assault can be defined as the intentional creation of fear of impending harm. Meaning, you can be charged with assault without physically touching another person.

For a defendant to be convicted of assault, three things must be proven:

  1. Intent - The defendant has to have intentionally acted in a threatening or scaring manner.
  2. Reasonable Fear or Apprehension - The victim must perceive that threat or harm is immediately impending.
  3. Harm - Physical or threats of harm via unwanted physical contact or verbal abuse actually, irrefutably occurred.

If you are facing such a charge, contact Dublin criminal defense lawyer, Ivan O.B. Morse. Attorney Morse has over 30 years of experience in defending clients facing serious criminal charges and can advise you what can be done to defend yourself in court.

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We are dedicated to assisting our clients when they face serious felony charges such as assault and battery. Each case is given the priority attention it deserves. Your future is at stake and it is important that your legal concerns are addressed quickly and effectively. We have a long history of successfully defending clients in serious crimes and are ready to defend you in court. Strong courtroom ability is necessity when fighting criminal charges - not all attorneys have this skill. You can be assured that we will present your case with your best interests as our utmost concern.

If you are convicted of assault and battery, you can expect a severe punishment. In California, the three strikes law makes a conviction even more dangerous for the accused. Need a lawyer for your criminal case in Dublin? Look for an experienced criminal lawyer in Dublin to help. It is crucial that you have powerful legal representation from The Law Office of Ivan O.B. Morse if you are facing any assault & battery charges. We will aggressively fight to defend you. Act quickly and do not discuss your case until you have legal representation from our attorney.

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